We found there are several pains exists for online gaming products:
  • Operation efficiency is getting down
  • Same game content problem
  • Users belong to "regions"
  • Unstable server and necessary service stop for regular maintenance
  • Undetermined development cycle
Way2Done developed an server engine designed for online games to solve these issues.  Such engine has key advantages listed as below:
  • Simple process of development
  • Stable service
  • Scalable on demand
  • Single world
The sample deployment of servers based on Way2Done's engine is shown as below:

Developers can develop online games without risky step as generating codes by programmers by using related tools provided by Way2Done.  Our server cluster can run all types of games designed by customer.  It will take benefits to you as listed below:
  • Fixed time of development — enable customer to complete whole development cycle in 1 year
  • One virtual world within over millions of players
  • At least 7% more revenue than old structure
  • Reduce up to 80% cost of online gaming operations

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